Free Pro Tools ADR / Music List utility software

PG PT Session is a utility I originally wrote to simplify making music lists, it has now been extended to handle ADR needs. It can open a Pro Tools(10+) PTX session directly or a session text export file and you can then select which tracks to re-export - as tabbed text files / PDF files / Excel spreadsheet. Nuendo import coming soon hopefully.

It then does this in a simplified format - no channel number (with a multi-channel track it just takes the left channel), no event number, removes fade in/fade out/cross fade can optionally ignore muted clips. It can also, on export, optionally merge all the tracks that have been selected into one merge track - useful if you need to just have a list of clips that occur across multiple tracks.

A big thank you to Kallis Shamaris, Luigi Rensinghoff, Ryan D. Young, Tom Deane, Jeroen Truijens, Lajos Wienkamp Marques, Jussi Honka and Jeff Hinton. Lots of good ideas / bug reports coming from them, it's what keeps all this moving and me motivated!

Some proper documentation will be coming at some point - this project has grown a fair bit!

Release notes:

2.16.16No functionality changes but built with new compiler and library versions.

2.16.15Latest MacOS version is now a Universal Binary and will run natively on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

2.16.10First version where there is a 10.11 and above requirement on MacOS and no corresponding 10.8.5-10.10 version, those versions had a long run and the archive version will be left up. Windows version is still compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and above. New compiler version used. SRT file export as an option. Single option to enable individual ADR sheet output rather than the previous three options. Will work further at simplifying the forest of options, or at least make them more self-explanatory!

END OF THE LINE FOR MOUNTAIN LION/MAVERICKS/YOSEMITE COMPATIBILITY. Future versions will require at least El Capitan (MacOS 10.11). I’d be happy to continue supporting Mountain Lion forever but it became more and more of a battle and in the end too much. Apple doesn’t value backwards compatibility basically. Windows, for all its faults, has huge backwards compatibility and this software will run on Windows 7/8/10/11 happily.

2.15.71Tiny tidy up tolimit the Mountain Lion version from reporting newer versions that become available that need El Capitan or newer. The latest it will report is 2.15.71 even when there are yet newer releases of the El Capitan onwards version

2.15.70Fixed that ADD cues weren’t being flagged in the JSON backup (the cues weren’t lost, they just weren’t being indicated as ADDs).

2.15.63Slightly optimised case when only loading ADR tracks. Fixed bug introduced with 2.15.58 loading muted clips even when that option was turned off.

2.15.55Character/track name and ADR tag clashes are more prominently displayed. Remote Control improved a bit on MacOS, probably with further work to follow!

2.15.47Added individualCharacter/Track Excel files in Prefs for export.

2.15.45Output files are now split into more folders as it can get a bit busy! Import options are now in Prefs, as most users use the same settings all the time, so you don’t need to check them every time but can change them if necessary. Also, makes it less intimidating for newcomers who just want to play with it, the defaults are sensible and enable most import features.

2.15.40Bugfix for Session Text imports related to Durations. Preparation work done for Excel import, will try and get it finished soon!

2.15.32Top and bottom margin above ADR text increased for better legibility. Option now available to left align or centre ADR text.

2.15.26This version has the first attempt at EDL export on a per track basis - it will be subject to further refining. EDLs from Session Text File imports have no Source TC (as that info isn't in Session Text Imports) . EDLs created from PTX files Do have Source TC. For the moment (as this feature was created for ADR not auto-conforms) the "FROM CLIP NAME:" has the clip name rather than the on disk audio filename, so this would need to be manually edited to do an auto-conform. I'll probably provide Both options eventually.

2.14.11Fix for Engineer Lists where the text box would draw over the take grid.

2.14.10Fix for Timecode order Master Lists where the text box needs expanding due to a long line. Some more internal tidying/bug fixes.

2.14.3 Export Options renamed to Prefs. PDF font embedding is now selectable in Prefs - PDFs with embedded fonts are larger but more cross-platform compatible. Backup saves a PG PT Session backup JSON file without doing a full export of everything that would be generated if you clicked on Export. There are now two Mac versions - a version for MacOS 10.11-11.5 and a special MacOS 10.8-10.10 compatible version and the regular version. Both versions are functionally identical.I’ve unfortunately had to do this due to a problem with exception handling on the programming software I use that is only rectified with a newer version that only support later versions of MacOS (boring stuff, but just to explain). 10.8-10.10support will be discontinued later this year though as it’s too much of an effort to keep going.

2.13.25 Scene descriptions output on detailed PDFs, this is done per-cue, will eventually make it an option to output scene descriptions only on First cue of scene, to save needless duplication. Some additions to the Cues windows - you can now edit some track characteristics there, in addition to the main track grid. A few bug fixes.

2.13.21 You can now create markers in Pro Tools corresponding to the selected ADR/audio track

2.13.8 More internal tidying up. Script font size for PDFs now selectable from 3 options. Reason font made slightly bigger, will probably move this on the page soon as multiple reasons can get Long.

2.13.1 Some BIG internal changes/fixes to direct Pro Tools session import. Substantially faster on large sessions. Lots of other internal tidying up.

2.12.1 Added shortcuts for certain Buttons on MacOS (there already were on Windows).Some internal changes/fixes and some extra error checking for Pro Tools remote control.

2.11.38 Have hopefully fixed a longstanding bug on MacOS that I was never able to replicate here, the Aha moment was prompted by Jeroen Truijens

2.11.32“Rebuild Clips in PT” will reverse engineer the selected track’s cues into region groups in Pro Tools

2.11.30 Tidied up the Remote Control box to make it clearer and less“busy”. Disabled“Create markers from EDL…”and“Create regions from EDL…” for a while as these aren’t working well, going to massively improve them - that’s the plan.

2.11.28 Expanding text box now works on Mac - previously only worked on Windows.

2.11.26 Hopefully made Mac remote control a bit more reliable, we’ll see. Fixed main page edit boxes not being cleared when loading a new session.

2.11.19 Reverted Root output folder name to the Session Name, other filenames use the new format. Moved the time per cue to the main page and it updates the total live. Reminder: can be overridden on a per-character basis.

2.11.18 Root output folder name and filenames are now based on TITLE+(EPISODE {if present})+(REEL {if present})+(CUT {if present})+(VERSION {if present})

2.11.14 Certain session info edit boxes that were in the Export Options page are now directly editable in the main page instead. Fonts throughout the application have been made slightly larger - more consistent now.

2.11.10 Some filenames have been changed to“Character Order” rather than“Timecode Order”. Fonts throughout the application have been made slightly larger. PDF headers have been rearranged to give more space for Episode/Reel/Cut/Version. Episode, Reel, Cut & Version are separate and not paired as alternatives, so an Episode now can have Reels too. Fixed bug where TBWs were indicated in the ADD column in Excel output. Big one (and will probably need some finessing) the script section of PDFs can dynamically vertically resize cue by cue, so if you have a Huge cue (say VO script or something), it can now cope. It can cope with longer text than can be stored in a region group in Pro Tools but you can use [AP] cues to append multiple cues.

2.10.22 Second attempt at fixing a problem flagged by Kallis Shamaris - summary totals could be inaccurate if afilter was active. Fixed Background colour of main window on OSX 10.8.5

2.10.18 First attempt at fixing a problem flagged by Kallis Shamaris - summary totals could be inaccurate if afilter was active

2.10.16 First attempt at fixing ANOTHER(ha ha ha) problem flagged by Immo Trümpelmann in the Pro Tools Control window edit boxes

2.10.14 First attempt at fixing a problem flagged by Immo Trümpelmann in the Pro Tools Control window edit boxes

2.10.12 Security fix for Apple Events on newer versions of MacOS

2.10.10 Large version number change due to stupid assumption in old versions update checking code!

1.10.12 Some small bug fixes. Mac version is now 64 bit.

1.9.43 Import & Export separately‘remember’ the last used folder - handy if you’re doing a series of imports / exports from and to two different folders. Couple of small optimisations with session import, nothing noticeable.

1.9.41 Music format text files / Excel exports now have a Source Time column, this shows the source timecode of the clip. THIS ONLY WORKS WITH DIRECT PTX SESSION IMPORTas Session Text Files don’t contain this information, exports generated from Session Text files are blank in that column.

1.9.38 Custom cue seeds and custom ETAs were set in the track comments but are now also read from the track name - mainly because I’m having trouble reading the track comments with direct ptx session import 😂. If you use the option to have either of these in the track name put them AFTER the ADR tag - [ADRTAG], as the first item in square brackets in the track name is taken as the ADR tag.

1.9.37 Import is now tolerant of spurious carriage returns / linefeeds in clip / region group names - these tend to happen when copying from external text and pasting into the clip name edit box in Pro Tools and have always been a pain!

1.9.36 Fixed bug recently introduced with tracks with no comments spuriously displaying STATE:. ADR output files now have the Actor Name followed y the character name in ( ).

1.9.35 Fixed reasons often not showing - due to implementation of the new custom reasons. Added ? to the list of characters in filenames that’s automatically replaced with underscores - neither Windows nor MacOS like ? in filenames.

1.9.34 Getting the bottom of a very weird session someone has sent me (that I can’t quite understand yet), and in the process of investigating found and fixed a bug with clips that have syncpoints set.

1.9.32 You can now remove the“-01” -“-99” suffixes at the end of clip names on export.

1.9.31 Fixed stupid regression with Pro Tools session import.

1.9.30 The default reasons are editable LIVE now, you don’t have to set them before loading a session. Endless scope for people messing reasons up with this but I generally agree with having flexibility! The version button bottom left tells you whether you have the current version installed, been meaning to do this forever.

1.9.29 Made ADD and TBW visible on Actor sheets. ADD count added to summary PDF and Excel. Excel output cells that were numbers are now stored as numbers not strings which stops Excel warnings. Clear all fields button added to the remote control dialog box.

1.9.28 New [ADD] tag for additional lines. Did this for several of reasons - Now the default reasons are editable I wanted a guaranteed tag for an Additional lines. It’s consistent with the TBW tag in that a separate ADD list is generated (well two, one in TC order, one in Character order). I sometimes get productions asking for a list of ADD lines. It flags it better on the sheets. Shows ADDs as a column on the main screen and on the summary.

1.9.27 Fixed regression with TBWs and Flags not being counted/displayed.

1.9.26 [PRODINFO] tracks can optionally be named =PRODINFO= (any case for either, eg =ProdInfo= is fine), partly to be consistent with =SceneNos= tracks and partly for compatibility with other ADR software. You can now override the default ADR reasons in Export Options. Set these before loading a session as the reasons are assigned when opening a session. Any settings you make are saved, so you can create your own preferred defaults. If you load a backup JSON file the reasons set from that file is loaded, so, if you have developed a comprehensive list of your own defaults save them in a backup JSON file somewhere safe. More to come on this - including at some point, the ability to edit reasons even with the session loaded.

1.9.23 Further bug fixes with Pro Tools session import - fade calculation was often incorrect, looking better now, keeping an eye on it.

1.9.22 Bug fixes with Pro Tools session import. Increased compatibility with the myriad Pro Tools 10/11/12/2018 versions - thanks to Lajos Wienkamp Marques for flagging an issue.

1.9.19 Quick bug fix of a bug introduced in 1.9.17/1.9.18.

1.9.18 Few small bug fixes. Nearly got track comments working, very fiddly.

1.9.16 Few small bug fixes. Changed theActive and Held/Shot status indicators from disabled checkboxes to text, it was confusing as people thought there must be something they could do to enable/modify them but they are just an indicator for the track is active (Pro Tools enabled/disabled) and whether it is a track marked as Held/Shot - trackname starts with a ##. Track active status currently only works with session text import, haven’t got it working with direct Pro Tools session import yet!

1.9.15 Pro Tools session import slightly faster still. Few small bug fixes.

1.9.14 Further markers bug fixes, markers are quite fiddly.

1.9.13 Markers bug fix.

1.9.12 Pro Tools session import slightly faster. Added guard against negative durations with Pro Tools session import, need to dig further to find what’s causing this.

1.9.11 Further incremental improvements to Pro Tools session import. Just got to work out track comments then we should have completed the basic functionality.

1.9.10 Pro Tools session import slightly improved. Don’t think I have any PT10+ sessions that don’t import/make sense now. If you know different, send them to me!

1.9.8 My it’s been a busy week… Think I’ve fixed (most of?!) the "PTX Error at audio clip ID: 9194 of 4008” error messages that would occasionally appear in clip text/TC

1.9.7 Pro Tools ptx session file import improved more now. There are occasional errors that I’m trying to pin down where you’ll see clip text of the form "PTX Error at audio clip ID: 9194 of 4008”. Once I can resolve that it should be pretty much working

1.9.6 Drop frame calculation on Pro Tools ptx session file import should work now

1.9.5 Timecode calculation on Pro Tools ptx session file import was badly wrong pre this version. Do not use any earlier version than this for production use if you use this feature. Drop frame is still wrong but all integer and fractional frame rates should be ok now. Will fix drop frame very soon. I’d advise caution with ptx session import for now but please try it and give me any feedback with non-critical imports

1.9.3 Fade handling with Pro Tools session import starting to work… We’ll see how that goes. (session text import fade handling working fine, same as ever)

1.9.1 Massive new version up (missing a few features so far - track comments can’t be imported and fades aren’t correctly calculated yet but I thought it was worth getting out for people to find bugs [and there will be bugs!] and give me feedback). The software can open something other than session text files now...

1.8.3 You can do per cue ETA overrides - eg: [T2] sets an ETA of 2 minutes for that cue. The accepted range is [T1]..[T15], if nothing is specified the track override is used, if a track override is not specified the user default is used. Similarly to custom Cue number seeds you can use the same format in ADR track comments - so a track called: Alan Smithee[C30][T8] will set the Actor Name to Alan Smithee, the cue seed to 30 and the default cue ETA to 8 minutes.

1.8.1 You can now set steamer colours in the Sysex (for software/hardware that recognises this). Remote Control has been heavily reworked on Mac and should hopefully be a bit more reliable. More to come...

1.7.103 Added ability to output text files as ANSI encoding (8 bit character type old fashioned ASCII) rather than the better/more modern UTF8 that someother software doesn’t seem to accept. More work will come on this but it gets a couple of people going for now.

1.7.102 Fixed .dup track merging bug that was introduced with thesupplementary cues functionality. Added ability to use System Default ANSI codepage on the Import dialog box for non US/European single byte character languages - frankly it’s much better to use the UTF8 option but the option is there now...

1.7.101 Fixed naive assumption bug with [SUP]supplementary cues. Multiple cues across .dup tracks with same start code are given A,B,C… suffixes so CUE101, CUE101A, CUE101B, CUE101C. Reduced redundant sort operations and made it possible to start adding some more sort options.

1.7.100 (changes across releases since 1.7.72)

Fixed a bug where the backup JSON files when restored, wouldn't restore the [ADRTAG].

## characters at the top of Held/Shot tracks are removed from display (the Held/Shot flag is set for that track though).

Set custom track cue number seed/start time with similar to the clip custom cue number tag but in the Track Comment field - [C400] will start cue numbers on that track from 400. This is numeric only unlike the clip cue number override as it has to be able to increment. This isn't displayed in the interface (yet). It will be, just wanted to get someone up and running for now.

Set custom cue numbers (actually alphanumeric) with [Ccuenum] tags in clips eg [C45a] will override automatic numbering and give that cue, 45a as the cue number. Any clip that has a custom cue number isn't checked for a clashing cue number.

Supplementary cues in dupe tracks with the [SUP] tag.

Export options can now specify various track sorting options for the output files.

Only partly implemented so far (only works on the Excel outputs, got to work out where to put it on the PDFs), a corporate (or your one person company!) jpg/png logo and company info text.

Faster saving of the backup file.

Split the output of ADR formatted/type files and Music ones as the demands are different and the wealth of ADR options was too much for people needing simple music lists.

Output (character PDFs/MIDI/text) is now also grouped by character in addition to type (into GROUPED BY CHARACTER folder).

Sometimes I've done a character's complete sheet and sent it to the stage... then, the night before shooting I've needed to add a cue or two and generate new sheets but don't want to renumber all the cues. That can mess things up for the stage and if you've already sent sheets to the director/artist it can get confusing. [X] tag to the rescue:


"a line of adr cue text"

"another line of adr cue text"

"yet another line of adr cue text"

"yet again another line of adr cue text"

will give





(with default cue numbering settings)


"a line of adr cue text"

"another line of adr cue text"

"inserted line of text[X]"

"yet another line of adr cue text"

"yet again another line of adr cue text"

will give






(with default cue numbering settings)

1.7.72 Made font size smaller on Mac to match PC version. Fixed options settings not persisting (hopefully). In cue list view the cue number has a background colour to differentiate it. Also, codesigning on Mac seemed to have got screwed up, should be a validcertificate now. Need to get a cert for PC too.

1.7.71 Faster session text loading. =SceneNos= tracks are now parsed and stored, only the scene number is used currently. Still deciding where to display the scene description. [AP] Append tags now added, any cue with an [AP] tag is appended to the previous cue and becomes one cue rather than two. Only the text from the appended cue is used, all other settings are taken from the first cue.

1.7.65 Yet again fixed regression with default Supervisor not being applied. Couple of other small bug fixes.

1.7.64 Session sample rate backed up in the JSON file. Quite a few internal tidy-ups to pave the way for some upcoming stuff.

1.7.52 Column totals for estimated time / clip count / TBW count / flag count. These totals apply to any tracks that are checked for export. Found it handy to be able to get these without having to do an export to get the summary PDF.

1.7.50 Editing the session title in Export Options is now reflected in the main display. Edited title is now used as the export folder name rather than original title. Text / Excel options in Export Options now onlyapply to to the Master List text files / Excel. The individual text files output for ADR cueing system are now simplified and fixed - each line is Character Name (spaces removed), Cue Number (spaces removed), In TC, Out TC, script text. MIDI files are now fully named same as other types of files rather than just "Character Name.mid”. Default underscore separator removed for cue numbers (it messes up Pro Tools take numbering!).

1.7.43 Few tidy ups. Slight increase in keystroke delay in a couple of places on MacOS.

1.7.42 More error checking in the grids.

1.7.40 Attempt to fix a problem that I can’t reproduce here - one person is having acrash exporting PDFs (on MacOS). Few more defensive checks put in.

1.7.38 Couple of columns added to the Cues / Clips window. ADR Text / Note and Flag have spell checking enabled on MacOS - you get the little red wavy lines under incorrect spellings! ADR Text is selected when clip text is retrieved - so you can overtype it instantly if you want.

1.7.36 Couple of bugfixes: clicking on "Locate Pro Tools to highlighted Cue In TC" in the Cues / Clips window didn't work - double-clicking the In/Out TC in the grid did though. The Default Supervisor setting wasn't quite sticky enough!

1.7.35 Squeezed the Scene info onto the Detailed / Engineer & Master PDFs.

1.7.34 Fixed two bugs on the MIDI Streamers tracks - cue notes were set to velocity zero and the sysex block was offset by the cue note frame length.

1.7.32 I often have to zip up the session ADR files and send them so I've made it so you can generate all the files and zip them in one go. More MIDI options added, the cue note track can also have cue sysex info too - this is beta. A few bug fixes.

1.7.24 Import options are now presented at every import - a lot of people didn't even know that there were import options. New Cues window - you can view the cues for the selected track in the main track grid. You can also locate Pro Tools to the In timecode of the selected cue by clicking the button at the top or double-clicking the In or Out TC to locate to In / Out time respectively. This window is resizeable. You can edit the text in this grid (but not the timecodes) but this is only for last minute correction use as any edits aren't carried back to Pro Tools.

1.7.22 More MIDI options… on the MIDI tab. You can now set various options for the count off beep track.

1.7.20 More MIDI options - You can now do a MIDI 3 foot countoff (you can use this to trigger a simple synth to do beeps). You can also export the ADR script text to a MIDI Cue track, not much use yet as Pro Tools doesn't read those tracks! Fractional frame rate calculation now MUCH more accurate, though whoever invented fractional frame rates should be made to eat celery.

1.7.17 MIDI is working (after a fashion) so some options are now appearing in the ExportOptions - you can select whether MIDI marker / MIDI streamer cue notes or both are in the MIDI tracks. You can also set the MIDI note and note duration and how far in advance of the actual cue time the note is (from 1.0 to 5.0 seconds in .1 second increments so roughly 2-3 frame steps). More to come doubtless...

1.7.15 Why did I start doing MIDI?! Ah yes, somebody asked me to. First bugfix for MIDI, taken all day staring at the screen, events were sometimes slightly off the frame boundary, cracked it now. Temporarily made it so that cue notes that would be closer together than the cue note length are suppressed - could cause problems and knock subsequent timing out. Fixed in my head, just rejigging a few bits.

1.7.10 Few tidy ups. You can now set a default supervisor (you!) so if you don’t want to use PRODINFO tracks you can still save some typing. Beginnings of MIDIfunctionality (BETA right now but try it and get back to me with problems/thoughts). Currently it outputs MIDI markers and a beep streamer cueing track - each beep is a 4 frame note (note 107 velocity 80) 2 seconds before the cue marker. I want to get it working reliably before I add any user adjustment. The start TC of the cueing session is used as the start TC reference for the MIDI, this is also currently fixed so if you need it different adjust your cueing session first. Oh and drop frame or 0.1% rundown/up will doubtless be wrong, theyalwaysare first go! I don’t use either so any feedback/help welcome. It’d be handy to know whether people are successful cueing Streamers / VM15A / Video Slave or any other cueing systems with this.

1.7.0 Default time per cue can now be overridden on a track by track basis. You can now not export master PDFs but still export any combination of Actor/Detailed/Engineer ones still. I've removed the multithreaded export, worked beautifully on Windows, OSX/MacOS on the other hand doesn't seem to like its PDF engine being accessed in multiple threads and I was getting reports of error messages and we can't have that! Due to the recent export optimizations it still exports much faster than the commercial offerings and this hasn't had a terrible effect and makes it MUCH easier to debug if there are problems.

1.6.39 Timecode Master lists (main / TBW / Flag) now rather usefully have the Character / Track Name and Actor Name for each cue - they weren't terribly useful before without this info! PDFs now say Page x Of X rather than just Page X (useful if you're navigating many pages and want to make sure you have all of them). Top right of PDFs now has the total number of cues for that section/actor. Print date is now at the bottom of each page.

1.6.37 If no Actor Name is specified in thetrack name - usual format "Character Name[TAGCODE]{Actor Name}” and there is a track comment that is used instead. {Actor Name} in the track name takes priority. I prefer this idea as it leaves cleaner track names but either work now.

1.6.36 You can now select the separator character - in this example the separator is‘_’ (my fave) CHARID_001, in this‘*’CHARID*001 or '' (none) CHARID001. You can have no separator character or up to 4 characters (usually you’d only want none or one).This defaults to‘_’ on the first run but any changes to it are saved.Edits to this, the custom cueprefix and the cue numbering dropdown are previewed.

1.6.34 PDF fonts are switched back to normal for timecodes etc if they switched to a non-European font for the ADR text. Rearranged the left column in PDFs to allow a longer list of ADR reasons. The track grid now shows ADR Tag code clashes in yellow (in addition to the info given by the tag clash count at the top) - you're not stopped from using clashing tags but they may be inadvisable so now they are more obvious!

1.6.30 Fixed a couple threading bugs with exports - only showed when all export types (text/Excel/PDF) weren't checked. Refactored the PDF generation to tidy a few things up ready to add some more things.

1.6.26 Fixed bug with text exports from merged ".dup" tracks, nothing major - if you had "prefix track / character name" on the cues that came from ".dup" tracks still had the ".dup" at the end, PDFs were ok.

1.6.25 Fixed bug with UTF8 encoded session text files. Just noticed whilst fixing that, that some font switching occurs with international characters, not urgent but I'll start to take a look at that.Rearranged a few things in the top info window - put the ADR clashes and ADR track count together.

1.6.24 Fixed Marker Track loading (broken in 1.6.17). It only partly participates in the new name/tag editing ability but wanted to get the fix out.

1.6.23 You can now click on and edit the“ADR tag” field on a track that wasn’t tagged by the Pro Tools track name as being ADR - good for super quick and dirty ADR / modifications. Selection is now single cell - that’s so you can hit Enter/Return to edit a field (not all fields are editable).

1.6.22 You can now click on and edit the“Track / Character”,”Actor” fields (in addition to the“ADR tag” which you could since 1.6.18). This is meant for simple corrections to avoid having to go back to Pro Tools and re-export. It’s not meant for major surgery on lists as any changesdon’tget carried back to Pro Tools or the session text file.

1.6.20 All non production specific menusettings /dropdowns / checkboxes are now saved/restored on each execution. Session info / filtering settings & custom prefixesaren’tsaved.

1.6.18 Bug fix to selecting tracks for export when sort order wasn’t default track number order. You can now click and edit the ADR tag code (useful for changing tag code due to clashes etc without having to re-export session text from Pro Tools). Any editing doesn’t persist to either the Pro Tools session or the session text file, it’s just temporary.

1.6.17 The ADR tag code (the short code in the square brackets!) now has its own column - means you can sort by it and it’s clearer. "Remove non ADR tracks” button removes any tracks that don’t have an ADR code - same as opening the file in the first place with the“File/Pro Tools Import options/Only Load ADR Tracks - tracks tagged with []” menu option checked.“ADR Tag clashes” shows the count of tracks that have duplicate ADR tag codes, more info will be added to this soon but at least it show whether there are clashes for now then you can sort by the“ADR tag” column and see where they are.

1.6.12 Fix for detecting fractional frame rates with non-US character sets (thanks‘Meads’ for finding this). Started incorporating Some error checking for track lists, the usual culprits are Carriage Returns or other control characters embedded in the description text - this usually happens when you copy from some other text/script file then paste into the clip name dialog. After export the text right under the track grid now shows if it was a 100% successful import or not. If there were errors you can click on that text to show a dialog that lists the part(s) of the file where there are problems. Yet more tweaks with the PDFs, some people were having text clipping problems (if you’re one of these people get in touch), have slightly increased the top and right margins.

1.6.7 Options page split into tabs (was getting a bit busy) and you can now optionally turned off the Actor / Detailed & (New) Engineer PDFs. The Engineer PDFs are landscape orientated detailed sheets with 24 take boxes to tick / circle.

1.6.6 Summary PDF now shows bit more project info and also the rough time used for estimated recording time calculation.

1.6.5 Summary PDF prints TBW totals and estimated time per character and total at bottom of page (each page if character list goes across multiple pages). You can set the incredibly rough rule of thumb time per cue in the Export Options dialog box.

1.6.4 Summary PDF prints cue total across all characters at bottom of page (each page if character list goes across multiple pages).

1.6.3 Session file opening is now bit faster still.

1.6.2 Added sort option - default is the pre-existing sort by timecode (ascending in-time) but you can now sort by priority too (ascending or descending. Any clips with no priority set are put in timecode order after any clips with priorities set). Session file opening is now faster (wasn't slow before!).

1.6.1 Added warning dialogs for Beta features. Fixed‘stay on top’ regression with Remote Control window. Fixed Reasons not loading properly regression with Remote Control window.

1.6.0 Export engine is now heavily multithreaded - huge test session here now exports in 37 secs, before it took 1 minute 35 seconds. More info on what’s happening when loading/exporting. You can now optionally have the OUT TC on detailed PDFs (never use it myself but…). Much more info is put into the Excel file for ADR now - the Excel was originally for the music list side but I can see how it might be useful for people who want to generate custom sheets etc, rather than use the built-in functionality..

Just realised I left“Open text and create markers...” and "Open text and create regions…” in, may as well leave them in now! They are BETA features, be careful with them.You can give“Open text and create markers...” atext list (a two column tab separated timecode and name list or a three column timecode, name, comment list) and it'll put in markers.You can give"Open text and create regions…”a text list (a two column tab separated timecode and name list or a three column IN timecode, OUT timecode, name list) and it'll put in regions - if you use the first option with only the cuetimecodes it’ll automatically create 2 second long regions. It's beta, as currently, once you set it going you can't stop it till it's done - you can close the program(!) (and there's not a lot of error checking on the Mac version).

1.5.23 Some improvements to Remote Control, particularly on PC. Controlling Pro Tools is a tricky oldbusiness. Mostly seems to be working now!

1.5.21 Remote Control now shows character count and warning if last character is a“.” - Pro Tools doesn’t allow that. Tab order of Remote Control is more predictable.

1.5.20 You can now sort the track grid in the main page by clicking on the column titles (ascending/descending on subsequent clicks). The remote control window can now construct the Pro Tools region group / clip text by entering text / ticking check boxes in the respective boxes. There are more default reasons now and you don’t have to remember them! If you make a selection in Pro Tools you can create the region group and enter all the options/text into it in one go now from Remote Control rather than having to create the region group first - working with existing region groups / clips is the same as before. If you enter‘tbw' in the ADR

text box the TBW check box is automatically ticked. Credit to Ryan for some of the ideas here!

1.5.12 Fixed bug where the track grid didn't fully update when opening any subsequent session text files after the first one.

1.5.11 New feature FLAG tags [Fxxxx xxxx] - where 'xxxx xxxx' is a short user text message. Flags are clip based tags that mark the cue for output to two (character ordered and TC ordered PDFs in addition to the normal lists. Example uses: You've entered some cues across multiple characters that you need translation and want to split them off for the translator. You've flagged some cues you want to consult the director about. You've flagged some cues across multiple characters that may need special processing/handling/equipment.

1.5.10 More information is shown in the top panel after loading a session now - particularly if using [PRODINFO] track with metadata. Detailed PDFs now show more er… detail - Episode/Reel, Cut/Version, frame rate and session start TC are shown. PDF page size is selectable as US Letter or A4. PG PT Session version number is printed at the bottom of PDFs.

1.5.9 Base font size for cue number on PDFs was slightly too large - meant it was too likely the cue number could get clipped. Going to look more at finessing the PDFs and adding the remaining fields in the Export Options dialog that aren’t being output - Episode/Reel & Cut/Version mainly.

1.5.8 Fixed cue numbering bug - I think...

1.5.7 Added extra option for text & Excel export - output cue number. Custom prefix added - if cues would’ve been ADR_001, ADR_002 setting prefix of X would change the cues to ADR_X001, ADR_X002, prefixes are meant to be just small tags of 1-4 characters. Defaulting to On there’s an option to use thetrackname if there’s no ADR character code set so a track CARHORNS would automatically produce CARHORNS_001,


CARHORNS_003 as cue numbers even without having an ADR short code. Cue numbers using this method could get very long so they are scaled down on the PDF output the longer they get - obviously they could become illegible so don’t go crazy with longtrack names/ADR short codes. Track names can now have the CharacterName[CharacterCode]{ActorName} three fields in any order for robustness.

1.5.6 Added option to only load ADR tracks - tracks that have a a character short code (not limited to 3 characters) surrounded by square brackets -e.g.[PRT1]. This makes loading ADR from sessions that have lots of tracks that aren’t ADR tracks faster and makes the summary screen tidier. All import options have now been moved to the File menu, there were a growing number and the screen was getting crowded - drag and drop of session text files still works and that’s what most people use anyway for actually getting the session text file in. Summary list shows track TBW (To Be Written) count so you know whether there are TBWs before exporting.

1.5.5 Thanks to my colleague Ben for pointing out some text encoding problems with special characters. The import combo box now has Mac Roman / Windows 1252 & UTF8 import choices - generally if you are using non-western character sets export the session text file as UTF8 and import into PG PT Session accordingly.

1.5.4 Cue numbering now has three options: simple cue numbers, episode number+cue number, episode number+cut number+cue number. A special track name [PRODINFO] (including the square brackets) is recognised (it is ignored as a potential export track and is used to store what will be an increasing number of session wide bits of metadata). The individual metadata items are stored in region groups, similarly to ADR cues. Store one bit of metadata in each individual region group, they are all optional. So far - Title=Title Name (this will override the session filename as a title) Director=Director Name, Supervisor=Supervisor Name, Episode=Episode name or number, Cut=cut or version name or number, Notes=note text (notes aren't displayed anywhere yet apart from the export options dialog - will be used soon). So, for example a region group with the name "Director= Alan Smithee" will automatically set the Director name in the export options dialog box to "Alan Smithee" (no quotation marks needed).

1.5.3 Bit more work getting the PDF fonts on MacOS and Windows to line up the same - getting there!

1.5.2 Mac version now has proper icon, and icon updated on Windows version. Mac version now has DMG drag and drop installer.

1.5.1 Pro Tools markers can now be imported as a‘virtual’ track. Handy for quick and dirty cueing etc

1.5.0 PC version now has a setup program rather than just an exe file. Priority and time range filtering options now available. You can now optionally merge .dup tracks - they merge to appear as one virtual track allowing multiple, potentially overlapping, cues - especially useful for crowd sheets but sometimes for ADR too. PT Control now renamed to Remote Control - was confusing with Avid's PT Control app. PDFs now split into two outputs for the individual ones - PDFS DETAILED (with all field info) and PDFS ACTOR which have less info (irrelevant stuff for actors) and a slightly bigger font for the script

1.4.6 It was pointed out that PDFs generated on MacOS / PC had very different font sizes. Should be pretty close now.

1.4.5 ADR line count PDFs and fonts increased in size a bit on all PDFs (and layout very slightly tidied up)

1.4.0 Fair bit of internal refactoring to allow for TBW list PDFs (these are output in track and T/C order). This prepares the way for more extensive filtering capabilities to come soon, it has also slightly sped up exporting.

1.3.1 Rudimentary clip / clip group naming retrieval setting in place - it’s not slick and needs manual intervention/monitoring occasionally but it works and is useful (better on PC than Mac currently). Will look at improving it over time

1.2.6 Complete Excel/Text/PDF output can be performed simultaneously now.

1.2.5 Can now open unicode Session Text Files. When "Prefix every clip with track name / character name" is selected if the track name is an ADR track just the character name is prefixed, not the whole track name.

1.2.1 Fixed some cases where the Cue number wouldn't show and added some more user defined fields - Episode/Cut/Notes

1.2.0 Added export option and initial ADR PDF export functionality (you can already export tabbed text for use with ADR/ software). I expect some teething problems!

1.1.35 Some more export options

1.1.30 You can now drag and drop session text files onto the grid. More robust error checking when loading files - it was written for my own use originally so I didn’t ever provoke it! Think there was something else too, can’t remember.

1.1.0 Now has a simplified duration column in the export (Mins/Secs), this always rounds UP to the next second for safety. You can also remove common suffixes in the filename (.L .R .A1 .A2 etc). You can also hide frames in the output - just shows Hrs:Mins:Secs. Now has much more comprehensive fade duration calculation for lists generated with“Show Crossfades” option in text export from Pro Tools. Combine Crossfaded Clips and Don’t Show Crossfades options work much as before.

1.0.30 You can now optionally sort a merged output by ascending start TC. Now shows which version you are running

1.0.22 Couple of small fixes

1.0.15 Direct export to Excel (xlsx) file - no longer need to load session text/export as text/import in Excel

1.0.3 Initial public release

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