Free Pro Tools ADR / Music List utility software

PG PT Session is a utility I originally wrote to simplify making music lists, it has now been extended to handle ADR needs. It can open a Pro Tools(10+) PTX session directly or a session text export file and you can then select which tracks to re-export - as tabbed text files / PDF files / Excel spreadsheet. Nuendo import coming soon hopefully.

It then does this in a simplified format - no channel number (with a multi-channel track it just takes the left channel), no event number, removes fade in/fade out/cross fade can optionally ignore muted clips. It can also, on export, optionally merge all the tracks that have been selected into one merge track - useful if you need to just have a list of clips that occur across multiple tracks.

A big thank you to Kallis Shamaris, Luigi Rensinghoff, Ryan D. Young, Tom Deane, Jeroen Truijens, Lajos Wienkamp Marques, Jussi Honka and Jeff Hinton. Lots of good ideas / bug reports coming from them, it's what keeps all this moving and me motivated!

Some documentation will eventually come, sorry for the wait.

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