Free Pro Tools preference file deletion / backup utilitysoftware

PT Prefs is a utility program for Mac OSX which can delete / backup / restore various preference and support files - Pro Tools preference trashing in other words! It doesn't delete any essential system files, they are all just settings which at worst can be manually re-entered. Sometimes Pro Tools benefits from having these files cleared out (after a crash/blackout etc) - Pro Tools remakes them with default settings when it is run next. Therefore if you are unsure which options to check it is safe to check them all, in fact if you are running this software due to a problem rather than as a matter of course I would recommend trashing all preferences, it's more likely to solve the problem.

Release notes:

2.0.11 Double-click in the plugin list goes to the plugin bundle except double clicking in the manufacturer column which goes to the manufacturer website. Added mapping for some manufacturer names which don’t match the websites, flag any others to me and I’ll add mappings for them.

2.0.10 Added Manufacturer column for plugin list and Show Website button (this doesn’t work with all plugins due to certain vagaries!)

2.0.8 About box button to go here. Fixed Excel output to ad Modification Date

2.0.7 Fixed plugin view in Finder regression. Added Modification Date to plugin list. Changed plugin name reading from file. Added about box and version number display

2.0.3 Completely rewritten and simplified

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