PG PT WAV Checker 64 bit MacOS

PG PT WAV Checker PC Windows 7 to 11


Free Pro Tools (and other DAWs) WAV file checking utility software

Isn’t that the best screenshot ever?! Though very basic looking, WAV Checker is a utility that scans WAV files and verifies their structure to check for corruption. Sort of says it all really! This hasn’t been battle hardened by other people yet so don’t panic if it flags a file that plays fine (or crashes this software!). If you have a ‘false positive' send me a copy of the file (if you are permitted to do so) and I'll investigate. If it crashes, tell me what you were doing and I’ll do my best…

Release notes:

1.1.1 Some stricter chunk checking. This may occasionally flag files that will play but aren’t strictly conforming to spec.

1.1.0 You can now save the list of files that have errors as a text file. MacOS version is now 64 bit.

1.0.20 Some internal tidying, nothing important.

1.0.15 You can now drag and drop Folders onto the grid then click Scan, rather than navigating in a folder select dialog box.

1.0.12 Slight speed up

1.0.11 Now shows which version you are running

1.0.10 Yet more progress information

1.0.8 The battle against tricky WAVs continues...

1.0.6 Slight bug fix for chunk alignment in some files

1.0.4 Slight bug fix and more progress information

1.0.0 Initial public release

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