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Free Pro Tools preference file deletion / backup utility software

PT Prefs is a utility program for Mac OSX which can delete / backup / restore various preference and support files - Pro Tools preference trashing in other words! It doesn't delete any essential system files, they are all just settings which at worst can be manually re-entered. Sometimes Pro Tools benefits from having these files cleared out (after a crash/blackout etc) - Pro Tools remakes them with default settings when it is run next. Therefore if you are unsure which options to check it is safe to check them all, in fact if you are running this software due to a problem rather than as a matter of course I would recommend trashing all preferences, it's more likely to solve the problem.

Release notes:

1.7.3 Plugin version checking has returned, please report any problems with it 

1.7.2 Increased compatibility for older OSX versions 

1.7.1 Hopefully fixed a “nil object exception” in 64 bit version 

1.7.0 Early release of 64 bit version (plugins page not ready) due to issues with newer versions of MacOS. Previous version still available in case of problems. Also added warning for deleting plugin list with Pro Tools Ultimate

1.6.19 Trashing speed increased. Nil dereference bug fixed

1.6.17 Changed .plist to allow running on MacOS/OSX 10.8

1.6.16 Fixed version checking.

1.6.15 Removed Eucon preference trashing for now. I follow Avid guidelines for deleting Eucon prefs but have had two reports of it breaking the S6 Eucon control app.

1.6.14 Actual fix for situation where Boot drive has been renamed following PT Prefs having had custom backup path set.

1.6.13 Tiny tidy ups. Possible fix for situation where Boot drive has been renamed following PT Prefs having had custom backup path set.

1.6.12 Tiny tidy ups, no need to update from 1.6.11 if not wanted

1.6.11 Better plugin version checking code, can cope with binary .plists now. All but one of the plugins I have reads properly now. Found some more data that Avid had tucked away that could be handy to clear when there are problems. Added Eucon user key sets backup/restore - I don't have Eucon here so this has not been tested yet.

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