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PG PT Prefs Trasher Free Pro Tools utility for deleting preference files)

PG PT Session Free Pro Tools ADR software / Free Pro Tools music list software - a utility for making music lists and/or cueing ADR sheets / text files from Pro Tools session text files

PG PT WAV Checker Free Pro Tools utility for verifying the headers/structure of WAV files

I write software utilities to fulfil my professional needs - I use Avid Pro Tools exclusively so this software is orientated around that. The software may be clunky but is hopefully useful!

There’s no support, no forum, no blog, no Twitter feed, no Facebook page… The upside is Everything that appears on this site is and will remain free (and no third party is permitted resell it in any form). Donations via Paypal are welcomed via the Donate button below but they are entirely optional and no profit is made - any surplus from donations after purchasing/updating computer equipment will be passed on to charities.

You’re welcome to email me at: petegates AT mac DOT com for any bugs you notice, suggestions for features or ideas for whole new software.

Donations via Paypal are welcome

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Avid (or anyone else for that matter) and this software was not created, tested, or officially recommended by Avid or any of its agents. Pro Tools is a registered trademark of Avid Technology International

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